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Oops! ICD-10 Deadline Moved Again…

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Oops! The ICD-10 Deadline Moved Again…


A few of weeks ago we put out a blog stomping our feet and shaking our fists say, “ICD-10 is HERE to Stay…” So we’re just one of the many feeling silly after making emphatic statements about any healthcare regulation. We should all know better, right?

How about simply adopting a sensible EHR that not only stays on top of the latest regulatory requirements regardless of how many cans are kicked down the road?

How about an EHR you can Meaningfully Use to make your life in the office better, a more efficient practice and better patient interaction?

ProMentum is a provider-friendly, patient-friendly software solution that meets all government mandated requirements for Meaningful Use incentive payments and Medicare/Medicaid compliance while supporting patient interaction, physician/clinician workflows and improving practice top lines.

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