Easy To Use Charting Solution | ProMentum

Easy To Use Charting Solution | ProMentum

If you can chart on paper,
you can chart on ProMentum®

Is your EMR limiting your income? Limiting your patient face-time? You’re not alone!

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When we do a one-on-one demonstration for a customer we start out by asking one simple question: “What is the fastest way to chart a patient visit?”  Inevitably, our audience says the same thing: “On Paper!”  So then why has the industry delivered complex electronic medical record systems that require you to click, bob and weave your way through tabs, text entry boxes and drop-down menus?  Our answer: because those systems are built around data input rather than around the patient-provider experience.  When providers were charting on paper they were focused on patient care.  When providers are charting on a typical EMR they are focused on figuring out where data needs to be input.  It is far easier AND faster to chart a patient visit on paper.  

In a recent survey by the The Medicus Firm they found that the biggest obstacle to generating sufficient income and appropriate patient face-time was the EMR.  This article in EMR Daily News, had this to say:

“The most common reasons submitted as to what limits physician pay were “hospital employment” and “EMR”. Physicians expressed frustration with the limits of hospital contracts and pay structures, as well as the time spent learning and using electronic medical records, which they feel slows them down and reduces productive face-time with patients.”

So, why do clinics choose ProMentum?  Primarily to solve the problems cited in the above article:

  • Speed – Providers are charting faster than is possible in any other EMR solution.
  • No reduction in patient volume – Keep up with patient flow.
  • Positive patient experience – Providers are meeting eyes with the patient not with a laptop.
  • Easy Training – Providers adopt the system in minutes not weeks.

All of these translate to productive face-time and increased revenue.  Schedule a one-on-one demonstration with the ProMentum team today to learn how your clinic can chart quickly and allow providers to get back to giving quality care to patients!

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