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IMPORTANT: End of Meaningful Use Incentive

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2014 is the LAST year to get

Medicare Meaningful Use Incentives!


Andy AlsopI have a very important message  for you! If you are a Medicare Provider or you work with a Medicare provider keep reading.    

2014 is the Last Year to begin Meaningful Use (MU) and receive Medicare incentive money! Penalties for failing to use a MU certified EHR begin in 2015. Our Meaningful Use experts are ready to help you collect incentives that are still  available for a limited time only and help you avoid future penalties. It is not too late to begin the demonstration process, but you have to call us right now to get started!  

To get the last of the incentive money, regulations require that you start using a certified EHR no later than July 1st, 2014.  As a Medicare provider, if you don’t start using a certified EHR by July 1st the incentives will be gone forever and all that’s left are “payment adjustments” (penalties) for not adopting a certified EHR.

Adopting a certified EHR this year positions your practice to receive Medicare incentive payments totaling $24,000 over the remaining three years of the Medicare incentive program. Those payments will help pay for your EHR implementation costs and assure that you avoid future penalties.

You are probably saying:

“Setting up and installing an EHR is impossible at this late date.  It’s complex and will disrupt my practice!”

Don’t believe everything you’ve heard. ProMentum is unlike any other EHR you have seen to date.  It is the easiest and most intuitive EHR on the market. We can easily setup ProMentum, our certified EHR, in as little as a few hours.  We do ALL of the setup and in-person training. We guarantee a smooth and easy to transition to ProMentum in only one day.

“Meaningful Use is complicated and I just don’t understand it!”

 With our MU Assisted program we do ALL of the Meaningful Use work for you including: 

  • Train you and your staff to collect the necessary data using ProMentum, most of which are already collecting.
  • Register all eligible providers with CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
  • Process all the necessary paperwork on your behalf
  • Track the data collection compliance of each provider on a weekly basis to be sure you can attest to having used the system correctly 
  • We do all of the attestation work for you

You just collect the data as part of charting regular patient visits. We do the rest! We are there for you every step of the way.

“I hear that CMS is auditing providers who have received the Meaningful Use incentive!”

That is correct.  There have been audits.  But with ProMentum and our MU Assisted Program, we are here to support you through an audit if one were to occur.    ProMentum collects and stores all of the audit documentation you will need should you get audited.  We guarantee that you will successfully pass the audit, if one were to happen.  If not, we will reimburse you for any fees we collect as part of our MU Assisted program. 

Call us today so we can show you how easy ProMentum is to use.  Let’s discuss how we will be your partner to successfully move your practice through the Meaningful Use process to get the incentive money you deserve and avoid future penalties.

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