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Healthcare IT news: EHR users unhappy, many switching

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In a trend that we are seeing at UC Charting Solutions, many providers and clinics are dissatisfied with their initial choice of EHR vendor.  Healthcare IT News put together this article outlining the reasons why practices are making the tough choice to select another EHR vendor.


Some important quotes from this article include:

“With high numbers of providers indicating that EHR systems have failed to meet their needs, more are considering a system switch. Some 31 percent of survey respondents indicated they were ‘dissatisfied enough’ with their EHR to consider making a switch.”

What we find as we speak to customers who are interested in switching EHR systems to UC Charting Solutions’ ProMentum is that the system they chose was not designed for Urgent Care and thus was overly complicated for their everyday needs.  This quote from the article supports our experience:

“Out of those EHR users considering a system switch, 80 percent said the solution does not meet the practices’ individual needs; 79 percent indicated that the medical practice had not adequately assessed the group’s needs before choosing the EHR; 77 percent of respondents cited solution design as ill-fitted for their medical practice or specialty; and 44 percent said vendors have been unresponsive to requests.”

ProMentum provides our customers with a fast charting solution that is familiar because it is built using the paper chart templates a practice is already using or built using templates that we develop for a practice that allows them to chart the patient visit faster than any other EHR on the market.

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