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Easy To Use Charting Solution | ProMentum

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EHRMagic customers have an alternative ONC-certified EHR solution

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EHRMagic customers that can no longer attain Meaningful Use (MU) as a result of their certification revocation can now turn to UC Charting Solutions and can use ProMentum as an alternative in its place:  ProMentum EHR is ONC-ATCB certified meaning ProMentum users are eligible to receive MU dollars.

In addition to being the fastest charting solution in the world UC Charting Solutions offers a service called MU Assisted whereby the company will do all of the MU Registration, Processing, MU Collection monitoring and Reimbursement monitoring. Through this program UC Charting Solutions has clients receiving MU checks and UC Charting Solutions does all of the administrative legwork. Other companies will give you PDF guides and a phone number to call if you have questions but they are not going to actively retrieve those MU dollars for you like UC Charting Solutions will.

If you are an EHRMagic customer and want to learn more about ProMentum schedule a one-on-one online demonstration today! 

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