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Converting from paper chart templates to electronic charting

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A lot of our clients ask us, “How do we convert all of our paper charts into our ProMentum® Flex EHR system?”  Interestingly, I found this article that was published on January 11, 2011 by American EHR that is still relevant today about what you need to convert from paper to electronic:


One thing that is important to consider is if you are already using a Practice Management system such as this quote from the article indicates:  “If you use a practice management [system], your choices are to keep that system and implement an EHR that has been designed to integrate with the PM system, or you may decide to transition to a completely new system that combines both practice management and clinical documentation functions.”  What makes the transition from paper charts to electronic charts straightforward within ProMentum is that it will seamlessly integrate with your existing PM system, if you already have one in place.  Therefore, all of your existing patient info in the PM will be accessible even after you have installed ProMentum.

Another element to this decision is “Which past patient charts do I import into my system?”  Some of our clients only feel comfortable if they have all of their charts in ProMentum for every patient they’ve ever seen even if they may never see that patient again. 

ProMentum has a simple to use scan interface so it is quick and easy to import old charts but in reality we recommend just scanning the charts of returning patients.  The question then becomes, “What parts of the charts do I need from previous visits?”  This quote from the article does a nice job of outlining the answer to this question: “One of the most common mistakes is to attempt to input the entire patient chart into a new system. This is an understandable instinct given the effort most clinicians put into maintaining their patients charts, but tends to be extremely expensive and can end up corrupting the data in the new system.”  The last point in the system is not an issue in ProMentum and here’s why.

ProMentum is a paper chart template based electronic system.  To use ProMentum’s charting feature we simply import an electronic image of your paper chart template into the system  Once imported you are instantly charting electromnically on that template using a tablet PC and a stylus much like you would use paper, clipboard and pen.*  In other EHR’s importing old charts can mean that someone is physically inputting data.  In ProMentum importing old charts is just a matter of scanning and attaching them to a patient visit.  This may sound odd and unlike anything else you have heard before.  If you are intrigued, schedule a demonstration with us and we’ll show you how its done.

* For those of you who are already using an EHR and have abandoned your paper chart template, we will design an electronic template just for you and import that directly into your ProMentum installation.

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