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Debates, Studies and Reports…Can’t EHRs be an IT Solution vs an IT Problem?

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There are numerous blogs, studies and reports on the ROI of EHR, increased/decreased patient satisfaction, safety and productivity. One thing is for sure…the 700+ EHR vendors all claim great ROI and the doctors and other clinicians utilizing the EHR cry out on the lack of ROI and interruption of the physician-patient relationship. A recent discussion […]

Scribes + EHR = Happy Patients, Happy Doctors, Happy Practices, Happy Employees, Happy Families, and Happy Top Line Practice Growth

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There is an emerging discussion in the EHR category regarding the use of scribes combined with an EHR. There are numerous questions, however, our scan of recent articles points to more pros than cons making the early adopters pointing to scribes as a viable solution. A recent discussion posted by Frank Combs, Administrator at Nationwide […]

IMPORTANT: End of Meaningful Use Incentive

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  2014 is the LAST year to get Medicare Meaningful Use Incentives!   I have a very important message  for you! If you are a Medicare Provider or you work with a Medicare provider keep reading.     2014 is the Last Year to begin Meaningful Use (MU) and receive Medicare incentive money! Penalties for failing to use […]

UC Charting Solution’s Response to Dr. Arlen Meyer’s “The 4 I’s: What Angry Docs Want From IT Technologists”

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In a recent blog post by Dr. Arlen Meyers, CEO/Founder of The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs “The 4 I’s: What angry docs want from IT technologists” Dr. Meyers provides a physician’s view on why medical providers don’t like EHRs. Larry Goldstone, Founder/CEO of UC Charting Solutions (UCCS) shares a the company’s EHR philosophy in response to Dr. […]

Deadlines May Change, Exceptions May be Allowed but Meaningful Use & ICD-10 are Here to Stay!

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Meaningful Use and ICD-10 are here to stay. That’s simply a fact. Never mind varying regulatory deadlines, policy exceptions and Stage 2 flexibility. ICD-10 has a hard stop deadline of October 1, 2014 and Meaningful Use isn’t going anywhere either. How the Affordable Care Act plays into all of this is yet another unknown. Last month at […]

Is your EMR limiting your income? Limiting your patient face-time? You’re not alone!

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When we do a one-on-one demonstration for a customer we start out by asking one simple question: “What is the fastest way to chart a patient visit?”  Inevitably, our audience says the same thing: “On Paper!”  So then why has the industry delivered complex electronic medical record systems that require you to click, bob and […]

How to avoid EHR Meaningful Use Incentive Audits

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We asked Jim Tate if we could re-post his letter to clients as it is an excellent piece that educates his clients on the reality of Meaningful Use Incentive Audits.  Jim and his company EMR Advocate provide UC Charting Solutions with expertise in Meaningful Use that we in turn use with our clients to be sure […]

EHRMagic customers have an alternative ONC-certified EHR solution

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EHRMagic customers that can no longer attain Meaningful Use (MU) as a result of their certification revocation can now turn to UC Charting Solutions and can use ProMentum as an alternative in its place:  ProMentum EHR is ONC-ATCB certified meaning ProMentum users are eligible to receive MU dollars. In addition to being the fastest charting solution in […]

After Unsuccessful EHR Purchases Doctors are Reverting Back to Paper

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When UC Charting Solutions set out to design and build a new EHR software solution for Urgent Care Santa Fe in early 2010, we first spent considerable time studying the work flow of an urgent care clinic.  It was important for us to understand how the front desk and receptionists operated, how the doctors saw […]