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IMPORTANT: End of Meaningful Use Incentive

Author: ; Published: Apr 21, 2014; Category: Meaningful Use, ProMentum; Tags: , , , , , ; No Comments

  2014 is the LAST year to get Medicare Meaningful Use Incentives!   I have a very important message  for you! If you are a Medicare Provider or you work with a Medicare provider keep reading.     2014 is the Last Year to begin Meaningful Use (MU) and receive Medicare incentive money! Penalties for failing to use […]

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Is your EMR limiting your income? Limiting your patient face-time? You’re not alone!

Author: ; Published: Jul 3, 2013; Category: Industry Article, ProMentum; Tags: , , , , , ; No Comments

When we do a one-on-one demonstration for a customer we start out by asking one simple question: “What is the fastest way to chart a patient visit?”  Inevitably, our audience says the same thing: “On Paper!”  So then why has the industry delivered complex electronic medical record systems that require you to click, bob and […]

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How to avoid EHR Meaningful Use Incentive Audits

Author: ; Published: Jun 9, 2013; Category: Certification, Meaningful Use; Tags: , , , , , , , ; No Comments

We asked Jim Tate if we could re-post his letter to clients as it is an excellent piece that educates his clients on the reality of Meaningful Use Incentive Audits.  Jim and his company EMR Advocate provide UC Charting Solutions with expertise in Meaningful Use that we in turn use with our clients to be sure […]

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Converting from paper chart templates to electronic charting

Author: ; Published: Apr 2, 2013; Category: Industry Article, Switching EHR; Tags: , , ; No Comments

A lot of our clients ask us, “How do we convert all of our paper charts into our ProMentum® Flex EHR system?” Interestingly, I found this article that was published on January 11, 2011 by American EHR that is still relevant today about what you need to convert from paper to electronic.

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Avoid the pitfalls of selecting the wrong EMR just because it is “certified”

Author: ; Published: Mar 24, 2013; Category: Certification; Tags: , , , ; No Comments

Make sure that everyday use is first and foremost when selecting an EHR system that will be used under Meaningful Use. As we have studied Urgent Care practices over the past three years, we find that they are primarily for-profit businesses.

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Certification and Meaningful Use – What is it?

Author: ; Published: Mar 17, 2013; Category: Certification; Tags: ; No Comments

UC Charting Solutions, Inc. has invested considerable effort assessing the needs of urgent care practices and patient charting. We have also spent considerable time studying the various government programs and initiatives designed to incent medical practices to adopt technology to improve their efficiency and the patient experience.

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Healthcare IT news: EHR users unhappy, many switching

Author: ; Published: Feb 22, 2013; Category: Industry Article, ProMentum, Switching EHR; Tags: , , ; No Comments

In a trend that we are seeing at UC Charting Solutions, many providers and clinics are dissatisfied with their initial choice of EHR vendor. Healthcare IT News put together this article outlining the reasons why practices are making the tough choice to select another EHR vendor.

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