Easy To Use Charting Solution | ProMentum

Easy To Use Charting Solution | ProMentum

If you can chart on paper,
you can chart on ProMentum®

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About UC Charting Solutions

UC Charting Solutions is an Aventur Partners Company and the developer of our core product ProMentum, a Stage 2 Meaningful Use certified EHR.

In 2011, Dr. Richard Lieberman (“Dr. Rich”), an accomplished multi-location Urgent Care owner and provider, came to the team at UC Charting Solutions after looking at numerous potential EHR software systems available on the market.  He had determined that they were all far too complicated to learn and use due to numerous tabs, check boxes, drop down menus and unfamiliar interfaces.  In his opinion, they would slow down his practice, reduce patient volume and reduce revenue. The tradeoff presented a conundrum. He wanted to adopt a certified EHR but just couldn’t afford to reduce his patient volume to do so. Successful Urgent Care practices are in part dependent on patient volume. Dr. Rich indicated that he wanted an EHR solution that would allow him to chart as quickly and efficiently as he was able to on paper, thereby allowing him to keep up with his practice’s patient volume. Our team set out to develop a system that would satisfy the needs of a busy Urgent Care practice.

As a result, ProMentum was born.

Since our beginning UC Charting Solutions has grown to become an infinitely customizable, specialty-agnostic, fast and simple solution in the EHR industry. ProMentum allows providers and medical practices to chart better and faster than any other EHR system on the market today. And, with its flexibility and feature enhancements, it supports multiple work flow preferences while including beneficial work flow enhancements.  Since our first “go-live” date in late 2011, we have kept up with regulatory certifications and continue to improve the ProMentum solution satisfying the practice needs of the busiest medical practices. 

Our Providers love ProMentum!

UC Charting Solution’s mission is to provide medical providers the fastest, easiest and most efficient charting solutions.